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Star Wars Table Tennis Set

Bat in hand, set out to conquer in the galaxy!

Based on their solid experience of outdoor equipment, Cornilleau's engineers have developed a patented 'four-material durable' bat. This outdoor Star Wars branded bat stands apart in terms of performance.

This is a fast, high-precision bat thanks to its sponge-backed smooth rubber cover. The materials selected offer improved resistance to shocks and weather conditions. Great product durability, without compromising quality of play.

The pack includes 3 balls branded balls and 2 bats. Challenge Darth Vader and let the force be with you!

Speed: 8.5

Spin: 8.5

Control: 8

Product Code: 457601

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  • Strong composite material
  • Withstands shocks and weather conditions

Playing quality

  • Durable bat
  • Great playing performance
  • Weatherproof



Designed and manufactured in France.

Shock Resistant

The Nexeo bat is made out of a heavy duty material that is shock resistant.

Weather Resistant

Designed for outdoor use, this bat is completely weatherproof.

Branded Bats

The pack includes 2 Star Wars branded Nexeo bats.

Branded Balls

The pack includes 3 Plastic ABS Evolution 1 star white balls with Star Wars branding.

Playing Quality


Elastomer handle which is ergonomic for an optimum grip.


Black one piece composite material with a white handle.

Perfect Spin

Sponge backed, smooth rubber cover ensures perfect spin restitution.

Playing Performance

An outdoor bat with excellent playing performance for a fast high precision game.