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NEW Sport 300X Crossover Outdoor (OUT OF STOCK)

The robust design and stability are key features of the 300X and this model includes many of Cornilleau’s unique features such as a Soft Mat top and folding net posts.

This table is completely weatherproof and benefits from Cornilleau's patented folding system. It also has approval from the FFTT (French Table Tennis Association) for leisure use.

Product Code: 115102 (Blue); 115302 (Grey)

Finish: Soft Mat Top

Panel: 5mm

Frame: 50mm

Product Weight: 60kg (Packed 69kg)

STORAGE SPACE:165 X 75.3 X 155.5 CM


Available Colours:
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  • Soft Mat Top
  • Completely weatherproof playing surface
  • Large diameter wheels for easy movement
  • Compact Table which is easy to assemble
  • DSI Locking System
  • Foldable net posts
  • Made in France

Playing quality

  • 5mm Resin laminate weatherproof playing surface
  • 50mm Corrosion/scratch resistant steel frames
  • 38mm straight legs with adjustable feet
  • Large diameter ø200mm wheels, 2 with brakes
  • Adjustable net
  • Scorers
  • Playback facility
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • 10 Year guarantee on all non-wearing parts (excludes wheels, net and posts)


  • Compact Folding System
  • 16 locking points - 8 in the playing position and 8 in the storage position
  • Wheels with brakes
  • Conforms to EN 14468-1 Category C: High quality leisure



The Soft MAT Top® anti-glare coating reflects 3 times fewer rays than standard tops and is resistant to bat blows.


Approved by the FFTT for Leisure use

Compact Technology

The Compact patented technology ensures the highest level of safety, ease of handling and reduced storage space.


This product was designed, developed and manufactured in France.

DSI System

The table is opened and closed easily with a central handle and is fully locked in playing and storage positions. The highest level of safety on the market.

Reduced Storage Space

When closed, the net posts can be folded in reducing the storage space.


Resin laminate playing surface is resistant to sun, rain, snow and frost and can be left outdoors all year round, with or without a cover.

Playing Quality

Accessories Storage

Each of the 2 side panels can hold 2 balls and 2 bats.

Adjustable Feet

3D adjustable leg pad makes it easier to get the table level on an uneven surface.

Adjustable Net

The tension of the net is adjustable..


The 50mm frame is corrosion resistant and helps ensure a flat playing surface.


Cornilleau offers a 10 year guarantee on this table for all non-wearing parts (excludes wheels, net and posts).

Large Wheels

The table has large diameter oversized wheels making it easy to move, even on uneven floors.


Colour coordinated retractable scorers to help you keep track of the game.

Solo Practice

This table has the playback facility which allows for solo practice.

Wheelchair Friendly

Leg design makes it possible for wheelchair users to play.



When folded, the height of the table is 1.55m which is lower than the height of the average adult reducing the risk of the table toppling when being moved.


In its storage position, there is only a small gap between the playing surfaces which avoids the risk of a child getting trapped between the tops.

Table Locks

The table locks in both the playing and storage positions for complete safety.