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Perform 800 Table Tennis Bat

The Perform 800 is recommended for advanced players. It is suitable for technique improvement and is ideal for players who are looking to develop their game.

Speed: 8

Spin: 8

Control: 7

Product Code: 428000

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  • Opti-Feel Concept
  • Aero
  • Dynacell

Playing quality

  • ITTF 5 star rubber
  • 5 layer plywood blade with Opti-Feel concept
  • 1.8mm Sponge
  • Flared handle


Opti-Feel concept

The wooden fibres in each of the 5 plywood layers alternate direction to increase stability. This gives the best playing sensations resulting in an increase in control and precision.


The Aero concept allows optimal transmission to the handle of shock waves generated on impact with the ball for a perfect response.


Cornilleau's Dynacell technology gives new levels of performance due to the sponge material in terms of rendering energy.

Playing Quality

ITTF Rubber

The rubbers in the Cornilleau range of bats are rated by the ITTF from 1 to 6 stars. A higher star rating will give a more elastic rubber with more speed and spin.

Sponge Thickness

The thickness of the sponge affects the speed of the bat. The thicker the sponge, the faster the bat will be.